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6th Feb 13

Every Saturday during February 2013 we will be having FREE MEZCAL tasting at 7:00 pm. Bookings By mail at or by phone at 0872413581. Rápido Amigos!!! Limited places available.

New to the menu

21st July 11

try our delicious 'Ay Caramba Burrito!' - Achiote marinated roast pork, swiss cheese, mexican rice, beans and Habanero salsa!! Serious stuff, and very very tasty! Provecho amigos!

19th Jul 11

We recently teamed up with and had a huge success with our 'deal'. We sold over 800 'deals' of our cooking lessons, which means that on no account should anyone invite Hugo for a pint, and in fact, should report back to Azteca immediately if anyone spots him in or near a pub!! A number of people have already used their Groupon vouchers, and in keeping with the trend, they have been a pleasure to have met and have had in the class. Looking forward to meeting more of you!
Please note: it is necessary to book into cookery class in advance, by emailing


17th Jul 11

Thanks to Aingeala Flannery and the Irish Independent for their recent SUPER review of Azteca! We were very pleased to read such great words of praise from Aingeala, a great food critic who knows her stuff. We get a similar feeling when Mexicans compliment us and tell us that our food is 'equal' to what they would eat at home. This happened recently when we had the pleasure of the company of newly arrived Mexican Ambassador Mr. Carlos García de Alba. It was a wonderful to meet him and an honour for us to hear his thoughts on our food! Gracias Embajador y bienvenido!

Gluten Free

29th Apr 11

Don't forget if you are coeliac that our cornflour/maiz is gluten free. Spread the word to fellow coeliacs and let them know they're in for a treat!

Special Events

22nd Apr 11

First Holy Communion & Confirmation season is upon us, leave the catering to Azteca. Our sandwich platters always go down a treat. We use our finest ingredients to fill breads, ciabattas and tortilla wraps to serve to you. Tell us what you do or do not want included, spicy or calm, plain or saucy! Contact us on 087 2413 581 to book in advance.

Beautiful 1,000

21st Apr 11

1,000 is a beautiful number – that's how many have done our cooking class, so far. Thanks to all who have helped make our cooking lessons a huge success. We've had the pleasure of hosting evenings for many companies in Dublin. Thanks to all the organisers from the Sports & Social Clubs from the various companies who have taken part. We've also been spreading our wings and bringing Azteca to some secondary schools in the Dublin area. There are some great young up and coming Mexican chefs in Dublin's Fair City, and I wouldn't doubt that soon it will be as easy to get a good plate of tacos and side of guacamole when invited to a friends for dinner here in Ireland, as it is in Mexico! Provecho!


15th Apr 11

Another reminder to please please book in advance by phone (087 241 3581)or email ( if you plan on coming to Azteca for an evening out. It's a good complaint to be busy, but we don't like to disappoint anyone, so just give us a call! Lunch time is less hectic – so perhaps you could come earlier if it suited.

Big Thanks

21th Nov 10

Thanks to all the people involved Azteca knows that at least 500 + people in Ireland know how to make REAL authentic guacamole! We can sleep easy knowing that this number of people will have the confidence to reject anything other than the real Mc Coy that they're being served up.... Aaahhh. No more green slimy stuff for this guys!!

Day of the Dead Approaching

3rd Oct 10

Day of the Dead is approaching! A huge celebration in Mexico on 1st November, celebrating the lives of those who have already left us. As usual Azteca will not let the occassion pass and we welcome you to join us throughout the weekend of the 29th October - 1st November to discover how Mexicans celebrate this day.

Mexican Food Fest

22nd Sept 10

The week long Mexican Food Fest here at Cafe Azteca, celebrating 200 years of Mexican Independence was a great success. Thanks to all who came and tried our different traditional dishes. Also thanks to all who came on the 16th Septemeber and pumped up the volume for 'El Grito' and sang with Azteca Mariachi.

La Catedral Studios

12th Sept 10

Azteca had the privilage to supply Mexican food to La Catedral Studios on Friday 24th September for Culture Night in Dublin. There was a great buzz in town and we were delighted to be part of this.

Cooking Lessons

11th Sept 10

Our mexican cooking classes continue to be an overwhelming success. We are very happy that the majority of people return for a second and third class. Azteca is looking forward to providing cooking classes to companies as a new way for 'team-building' for their staff. Thanks to the companies who have approached us - it was your idea, it's a great idea!

The Mexican Food Festival

3rd Sept 10

To celebrate, certain foods are considered representative of Independence Day. A favorite is pozole, a soup made of cacahuazintle corn. pork or chicken. Other foods have the colors of the Mexican flag; green, white and red. like chiles en nogada, the famous "pico de gallo". And of course, it just wouldn't be a party without plenty of tequila!
At Café Azteca the tradition is always alive; it has always been representing Mexico in Ireland and Europe with big pride serving the best Mexican culinary specialities transmitting at the same time the history and the Mexican culture. VIVA MEXICO!!!


  • Monday the 13th
  • Mole verde
  • Tuesday the14th
  • Chiles en nogada
  • Wednesday the 15th
  • Mole rojo
  • Thursday 16th
  • Tacos de huitlacoche and a free shot of tequila
  • Friday the 17th
  • Quesos fundidos with the company of azteca mariachi at 8 pm.
  • Saturday the 18th
  • Pescado Zarendeado
  • Sunday the 19th
  • Birria

Cooking Lessons

1st Sept 10

Our cooking lessons continue to be a great success, we are very happy to see more and more people getting into the mexican cooking. Thanks to everyone who has attended and a special thanks to all who have given feedback on their own endeavours at home. It's great to get a photo of those wonderful meals!

Irish Times

23r August 10

Thanks to the Irish Times writer, Marie-Claire Digby, for the mention in The Magazine, Saturday 21st August.
To View Click Here

New Products

13th August 10

We have added a number of new products; Dried Chilli range - ancho, pasilla, guajillo, morita. As well as mole, pozole, achiote, fresh & frozen tortillas, handmade sopes, corn husks, dried epazote. Some products are already packaged or by contacting us you can specify your required amount. You can purchase from us in store, or your order can be posted by paying p&p.
Contact us for more details; by email or call Hugo at 087 2413581. Orders must be placed in advance, for both postal and collection.

Azteca Mariachi

7th August 10

Irelands first Mariachi band aren't getting much time for siestas these days! They are growing in number and popularity. Recent gigs included playing at the launch of the LANCI festival at City Hall as well as a event. They will be playing in Temple Bar on 15th August, and during September will be kept very busy playing throughout the 10 day event celebrating 200 years of Mexican independence. So if you're having a fiesta and want a bit of ´Ándale´, please contact us in advance to book.

200 Years of Mexican Independence

5th August 10

This year is an extra special year for Mexico, as we will be celebrating the bicentenary of our independence. To celebrate we will be serving a different traditional dish each day from 13th to 19th September, e.g. Mole, Chili Relleños etc... Full details to be posted later. And of course in keeping with Azteca tradition, we will be serving our FREE TEQUILA shots on September 16th!

Burrito En Primavera

1st August 10

Does anyone really care about catwalk trends anymore? Well this is one to make you stand up and take notice – we've been serving handmade burritos at Azteca for many years and they have always been a popular choice, but with the introduction to Ireland by Azteca of the BURRITO EN PRIMAVERA, all other models have been knocked off the catwalk! A lot 'plumper' than the other models the Burrito en primavera has a lot more style to it. Azteca is set to ban skinny models from all cafe catwalks! BURRITO EN PRIMAVERA is a 12" burrito and as with all our dishes, contains authentic homemade Mexican fillings; al pastor, carnitas, cochinita, mixiote etc. making our burritos the tastiest burritos in town.

Cooking Lessons

22nd June 10

A huge thank you to all our participants during the summer. You make the classes interesting and enjoyable. Due to the huge demand, we have been, and will continue to hold classes on other weekday evenings and weekend mornings. We are very pleased that there is such an interest in learning to cook Mexican at home. The Mexican diet is often referred to as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, due to the amount of tomatoes, onions, chillies, beans, avocadoes, fresh herbs and corn consumed daily, so we are delighted that more and more people may eat these foods on a regular basis now that they have ideas of how to put them together to make a meal.
We would like to thank everyone for all the flattering comments that have been posted in various places on the internet,,, and azteca facebook page.


20th June 10

We are very pleased to announce that the traditional Mexican dish Mole is to become a permanent fixture on our menu. Mainly due to the amount of interest in our classes, more and more people have learned about it, tried it and loved it! Teaching people about Mole has been a personal endeavour for Hugo at Azteca; he has always been irritated by the way Mole has been portrayed throughout the world. It has unforgivably been referred to as 'the chocolate sauce' time and time again, and so when people sit down to sample it, they're expecting a sweet taste and end up passing unfair judgement on a most treasured gift from Mexico. Whereas if they know the truth behind Mole; the concoction indigenous to Mexico that contains many unique ingredients and has a rich, velvety texture, and may or may not contain a small amount of cocoa, well then they enjoy the beautiful savoury sauce that is Mole.

Website Designer

12th June 10

A huge thank you to Victor Issel Olvera-Smith for keeping up to date our azteca webpage, we keep getting a lot of praise for the design. Well done Issel!!

Azteca Band

2nd June 10

Azteca band has taken off in full swing with two gigs already - at the mexican celebration of 5 de mayo and at Café Azteca to celebrate Hugo's birthday! The gigs were a great success and by god with only four musicians they sound fantastic! (Chispa, Maggie, Liza and Jorge) We are currently recruiting a few other musicians to join our great band. Azteca Band is ready partying - any kind of celebration or event!! For more details contact us at Add a bit of excitement to your special event with Irelands first Mariachi band!!

World Cup

1st June 10

Café azteca will be showing all the World Cup Matches, come and join us for a bit of fun!!!

Cooking Lessons

1st June 10

We would like to thank all the people who took the lessons, they made the classes very enjoyable. We are so busy that we have had to provide extra classes to cope with the demand, and not only that, we have groups who now are attending a second and a third class, learning how to make mole and tamales! If you wish to attend the class do contact us by mail at and we will try to find a date that will suit your requirements.

'Food and Wine' magazine

4th May 10

Thanks to 'Food and Wine' magazine for including us in the 'Food and Wine top 100' in the May edition.
It read as follows:
No. 14
Most generous teacher.
We love Hugo Camacho's style. Keen to spread his love for Mexican food he holds free cookery classes every Wednesday evening in Café Azteca near Dublin's Christchurch Cathedral. The classes are for a maximum of five people..., so do book. A charge of €15 a head covers the cost of ingredients.

The Azteca Mariachi

3rd May 10

The Azteca Mariachi band will perform it's first gig on the 5th May at the Purty Kitchen in Temple Bar, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (Battle of Puebla). Open admission, all are welcome. The band have formed just 6 weeks ago with four members and it's growing with some other musicians to join the band in the weeks to come. They will bring fun, spirit and sparkle to any party or get-together with their music and songs.

The Cooking Lessons just keep getting bigger!!!

2nd May 10

Thanks to all the participants for assisting and supporting our cooking lessons "you've made them so enjoyable". The Coking Lessons have been such a success that every Wednesday is booked out until July. However, if you wish to participate, you can contact Hugo at 087 24135 81 or to organize another day that may suit you and us.

World Cup

2nd May 10

Café Azteca is the first Mexican place transmitting The World Cup Matches, and of course, sticking with tradition, we're ready to have fun and merriment while watching the matches. Viva México!!! We will welcome the Irish fans to help us cheer on the Mexican team against France on June 17th - don't forget to don your green jerseys!


7th Apr 10

Coming soon Azteca Mariachi group for parties or any event.

Extended Menu

5th Mar 10

Café Azteca Has Added to It's Menu a Variety of New Dishes Like:

  • Tacos Al Pastor
  • Cochinita Pibil
  • Carnitas
  • Mixiotes and
  • Tamales
We Are Proud of Being the Best and Always the First Restaurant With Authentic Mexican Food in Ireland.


Website Design

5th Mar 10

We Would Like to Thank Our Website Designer Victor Issel Olvera-Smith at Drakon Art for All the Complements We Have Received from Our Customers.

Full Wine Restaurant Licence

17th Feb 10

Café Azteca has now a full wine restaurant licence. Soon we'll have more mexican beers. We're looking forward to be the first mexican restaurant in Ireland to serve Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial and Pacifico...salud!!!.

Cooking Lessons Update

17th Feb 10

Our cooking lessons have been a complete success. We would like to thank all the participants who really made them such an enjoyable experience and we wish them the best of luck cooking delicious mexican dishes...we might get invited!!

Mexican Products

17th Feb 10

In addition, as always we have a fine array of ingredients for your kitchen, including corn flour, corn tortillas, chipotles, rajas and jalapeños. We are especially proud to offer our own imported mexican coffee, gown exclusively in the magnificent highlands of Chiapas, México ...stop in for a cup, and take home a bag, today.

Spanish Conversation Sessions

29th Nov 09

Café Azteca will host spanish conversation sessions every tuesday from 5pm.

Join the group and have fun!!!

Azteca Mexican Café - Mexican cooking lessons

1st Sept 09

Free lessons for September, October, November and December 09

Do you want to know how to make tortillas,

taquitos, guacamole, salsa, etc?

If the answer is Yes, check the cooking lessons section for more information

Other News

1st Sept 09

Check our special every weekend
pozole, tamales, mole etc. just phone us or send us a mail and we will let you know about it.

1st Sept 09

To celebrate our independence day in Azteca we give a free shot of tequila with your food
we are the first in Ireland with this tradition we since 1996

1st Sept 09

The food and wine magazine published in this month of September 09 an excellent review
and we would like to thank the magazine and Stuart Clarke for selecting us